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Spoiled by Committee

Last night we kicked off our Friday night meal series with the power couple themselves- Marci and George Brown. The grill master outdid himself, providing some of the most tasty fajita meat you've ever had. Maybe I'm over stating it - the last few times I've grilled fajitas, I've over cooked my pre-seasoned meat. So this was a real win in my eyes, especially when you pair it with the grilled vegetables that disappeared quicker than a kid during contact work. 

Not to be outdone, Marci shined just as bright as George. When I got home from work Marci was already here unloading everything from drinks and cheese dip to forks and flowers. Yes - Flowers. The most beautiful Tulips greeted our guest warmly, right before they were hit square in the nose with all the mouth-watering smells.

We had the perfect blend of guest for night one! Young Life College was represented by James Havlock and he brought his buddy Grant, who is equally solid. West Brook leaders, Abby Vackar and Beau Tallarita made it out & Emily Priest carried the flag for Kelly. We even had some great friends from church, Ethan and Danielle Zeiger join the fun. Eleven total if you include Me, Brenna, Doc & Cal. We missed you WyldLife and Lumberton! 

Walking into the living room this morning, the first thing that caught my eye was those fresh flowers positioned prominiently on the coffee bar. It brought a smile to my face - We have so many amazing leaders, spread thin and far, lighting up every room with the aroma of Christ. What a healthy root system we have in our loving committee spoiling us with all the fajita nutrients we need! Am I stretching for that analogy? Maybe, but that doesn't discount the truth it holds. 

A public thanks to Marci & George Brown for helping us create the space to not be leaders and simply be friends.


Psalm 133:1
How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!

TeamBeau Hansen